Brotherhood of Steel Clan Rules


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    Brotherhood of Steel Clan Rules

    Post  Pejotll on Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:01 am

    Join us if you have a burning desire to serve your clan in battle
    Join this clan if you are eager to fight and fierce on the attack

    We are new on SEA server but we have a lot of experience from EU one.
    We have team speak 3.0 server, so it's very important to install it.

    We are looking for players ready for fun, and no pressure game, we are not aiming for CW right now , we just don't have enough people.

    - To join BoS you need to be 18 years old +
    - Have at least one tank tier VIII or arty tier VI
    - At least 3000 battles
    - Only English or Polish language will be accepted
    - You need to install teamspeak 3.0 client

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